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The adventure continues

Bluey in the Myer Christmas Windows

After our first failed attempt to get Peter to witness the spectacular Myer Christmas Windows, we went in for a second attempt. The audio was not that good but here is our journey along the Myer Christmas Windows. You can check out the Bluey ABC website here. Okay actually this is a video in three…
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Redwood Forest Dragons

Over the weekend we took a walking hike to the Redwood Forests in Warburton, which is east of Melbourne. The road into the forest has been blocked for some time now. And that is due to some repair work which is being carried out on the cement road bridge. We decided to take the almost…
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Wow – where did that 5 (now 9) months go?

When I last left you (while in travel mode), we were on our way to Europe. It was at that time when Helen and I were evaluating what kind of travellers we were as individuals that I realised I needed some structure to this travel story. Wind forward two months and we are back in…
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Autumn and Winter in Melbourne – 2023

I enjoy autumn and winter in Melbourne. You can take long walks without sweating and there are a surprising number of sunny days to enjoy these walks. We are also fortunate to have a multitude of restaurants close by offering cuisine from a variety of cultural backgrounds including multiple African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries,…
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Darwin to Melbourne

Stage One of the journey has formally begun. It began with a last day at work, a final flight in my ultralight plane before I packed it away and a final house lockup before heading to the airport and catching the redeye to Melbourne. Last Day at Work Let’s start with the wrap-up of a…
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