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The adventure continues

Using money overseas – cards and insurance update.

UPDATE 29 October 2022 – With our NAB rewards card which we signed up for to get the travel insurance component of the card now part of our collection of plastic credit and debit options, I wanted to provide an update since the initial trauma of applying for a similar card with another large bank…
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Best Credit/Debit Cards to use Overseas

Make sure to check our 29 October 2022 update on this post. Specifically, this is a combination of research and what we are actually doing. The research after filtering out posts with vested interests returns the following: Top 14 Travel Money Cards for Australians Going Overseas in 2022 ( 2021 Travel Credit and Debit Card…
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Tickets purchased – Let the forms begin

We have booked our tickets to South America, where we will spend 3 months doing the big lap around that continent before heading to Europe for spring on the Mediterranean and surrounding locations which will be another month of adventure. Afterwards, we head to Thailand for a relaxing holiday in Chiang Mai to recover from…
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