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Mark and Helen's Travel Adventure November 2023 - December 2023

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Back in Darwin/Melbourne planning our next adventure which takes us to Taiwan for a month of journeying through the populated West coast before returning to Taipei along the sparsely populated east coast, divided from the west coast by a mountain range. We will be adding in the missing blog posts from our South American – European and Thailand adventure.

Planning Starts – Japan to Caribbean via Europe and North Africa 2024 – 2025

Planning has started for our 6 or 7 month long trip that will take us to Japan, then through Europe and North Africa and then on down to Miami in[…]

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Redwood Forest Dragons

Over the weekend we took a walking hike to the Redwood Forests in Warburton, which is east of Melbourne. The road into the forest has been blocked for some time[…]

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Protected: The clue hunt begins – location Santiago (Chile)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Wow – where did that 5 (now 9) months go?

When I last left you (while in travel mode), we were on our way to Europe. It was at that time when Helen and I were evaluating what kind of[…]

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So our most recent adventure was to South America, Europe and Thailand. Even on our return we have adventures in our backyards of Melbourne and Darwin. Look out though for our next massive adventure from Portugal to Prague via North Africa and the Holy Lands.


I do take a lot of photographs and film. It is a common problem of determining how to store, select and present these images for your enjoyment.
That journey will never end.
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Why take a photo when we can write 1000 words. Multimodal combines words, pictures – both still and moving along with sounds or silence.
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Acknowledging and enjoying local adventures as much as our big trips overseas. Also combining some of the technology needed to create and communicate visually with you.

Some of our other blogs focus on the learning aspects that travel offers – especially for primary aged children who might not yet be mixing big trips with technology and my Pilotographer site with its focus on the beauty of the Top End of Australia with photographs taken from my small ultralight aircraft.

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