Taiwan is Done!

Mark and Helen's Travel Adventure November 2023 - December 2023

Latest News – December 2023

We are both back in Darwin just as Joe concludes his first semester in Taiwan with a grand dinner at the Grand Hotel in Taipei. We are still drawing breath after a beautiful and highly recommended Taiwan adventure where the scenery was matched by the beautiful nature of the Taiwanese.

Wild Orangutans in East Kalimantan

In 1998 I was fortunate enough to be working in East Kalimantan. I was working for a coal mine implementing a multimedia learning system in the heart of the jungle.[…]

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Taroko Gorge Taiwan – Must See

After establishing ourselves in Taipei and catching up with our son Joe we decided to embark upon our round Taiwan adventure. After a couple of day trips where we returned[…]

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The mystery of the headless terracotta warrior

We have a small statue ornament that has guarded our garden for many years. Unlike the real terracotta warriors in Xian, ours is a small polystone warrior from Bunnings. Over[…]

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Sleeping in Airports – Heading to Taiwan (and back)

On our last big trip to South America, Europe and Asia we booked business class RTW (Round the World) air tickets interspersed with domestic flights, trains and busses within the[…]

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Acknowledging and enjoying local adventures as much as our big trips overseas. Also combining some of the technology needed to create and communicate visually with you.

Some of our other blogs focus on the learning aspects that travel offers – especially for primary aged children who might not yet be mixing big trips with technology and my Pilotographer site with its focus on the beauty of the Top End of Australia with photographs taken from my small ultralight aircraft.