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The adventure continues

Protected: The clue hunt begins – location Santiago (Chile)

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Wow – where did that 5 (now 9) months go?

When I last left you (while in travel mode), we were on our way to Europe. It was at that time when Helen and I were evaluating what kind of travellers we were as individuals that I realised I needed some structure to this travel story. Wind forward two months and we are back in…
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Why Travel?

Some have questioned our decision to take a lengthy trip with the remnants of COVID still impacting lives around the world. The economic downturn driving the Australian dollar to its lowest for a long time makes travel more expensive. Interest rates are on the rise, as is inflation. Housing prices are dropping. Rents are rising.…
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Pepe, our virtual Spanish companion

Here is what Pepe said in Spanish… Play the video below and you will be impressed by the quality. English below the video… “Hola, mi nombre es Pepe, y estoy ayudando a mis dos amigos, Mark y Helen que van a viajar a Chile para el viaje de su vida. Est├ín deseando que llegue. Desafortunadamente,…
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Itinerary Planning – Chile

Our trip to South America feels like it’s going to be a series of mini holidays or trips. When I look at sites which talk about the top 5 or 10 things to do in a particular place we are going to, I feel as if we could spend up to a month in each…
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