Itinerary Planning – Chile

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Itinerary Planning – Chile

Our trip to South America feels like it’s going to be a series of mini holidays or trips. When I look at sites which talk about the top 5 or 10 things to do in a particular place we are going to, I feel as if we could spend up to a month in each location. The gruelling schedule that we have planned out won’t afford us the luxury of that much time. Again, I have narrated this in a YouTube video below. I think as we get more used to this videoing while strolling, Helen will be presenting her own pieces to camera.

So we’re flying Latham airlines from Australia to Santiago arriving there on 2 November. After a couple of days in Santiago to become acclimatised to this new location, we will be heading down to the coast to a town called Vina Del Mar. Next to that city is another place called Valparaiso, which I believe is famous for being a bohemian getaway on the coast with beautifully coloured houses and a number of funicluar railways taking you up and down the steep hills and slopes in the area. The hyperlinks take you to some of the things you can experience in each of these locations. The

After a few days there, we plan to head back to Santiago and fly to Puerto Natales which in some ways can be described as the gateway to Torres Del Paine. We are not sure whether we are going to do the W trek. We are planning to cross the border into Argentina to have a look at the Perito Merino Glacier near El Calafate.

That will be our Patagonia trip. after that we return to Santiago to learn more about that city before heading north to Calama and San Pedro de Atacama where we will experience high altitude desert landscapes at 4000 metres. After that we will head across the border into Bolivia to check out the Uyuni salt flats.

For the technology interested people the clips here were filmed using a GOPRO 8. I will be using a GOPRO 9 and hopefully 11 for the actual trip. Photographs and images not taken by myself are sourced from Adobe stock as part of the Adobe express suite of programs. The same is true of any music that might be used as backing tracks and any videos that too will be sourced from Adobe stock. Screen captures with annotations are done with techsmith snagit and some of the words in this blog were dictated using Dragon professional, which I understand has been purchased by Microsoft. Speaking of Microsoft. We will be using the off-line version of Microsoft Translator to translate from Spanish to English and vice versa.


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