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The adventure continues

Laguna Colorada: Marvel of Nature in Bolivia’s Andes

During our time in South America there were many memorable locations visited. From the majesty of the Amazon River to the mountainous ice bound valleys of Patagonia to the never ending spray of Iguazu waterfalls or the archaeological blend of Machu Picchu located in the mountainous jungles of Peru, often, we had more than an…
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Protected: The clue hunt begins – location Santiago (Chile)

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3 Months in South America – A Reflection

It is hard to believe that we are concluding our three-month journey in South America covering eight countries and 27,000km NOT including the 17,000 from Darwin to Santiago in Chile. People, customs, food and cultures make up one aspect of our travel enjoyment. Viewing plants and animals (flora and fauna) that we don’t see in…
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Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

Leaving Patagonia behind, but with Patagonia not leaving our memories for anytime soon, we returned to Santiago and immediately caught the evening bus to Valparaiso, a bohemian town home to art, poetry and stunning alleys and funicular trams running up and down sheer cliffs and steep hills, offering respite from the thousands of steps to…
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Patagonia, Park Ranger Strike Part 2

Conscious that I am posting these articles to LinkedIn, some will justifiably argue this kind of post has no place on a platform (touch wood, I’ve had no angry responses and LinkedIn applauds me for being active)… I believe there is a work-related theme or messaging in all of this. Later, as I describe the…
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Patagonia, Park Ranger Strike and Trekking (Part 1 of 2)

It was about 10 PM at night when we arrived into Puerto Natales from Argentina. The temperature was quite cold and we walked the 1.2 km down to our accommodation. We stayed at the Refugio Bulnes Hostel which was great. Yelka was the hostel manager and having lived in the United States for many years,…
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Chile to Argentina and back. Whew – What a week (actually two)!

It has taken me longer to post this than expected. However, guilt levels are quite low given the amount of action we have seen. The title should probably read “From Santiago to Santiago to Santiago via Argentina in two weeks” which is more accurate because we will have arrived in Santiago three times in two…
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Two-way conversations and AI

The reason for writing a blog is to share thoughts and ideas with other people. The whole nature of sharing is about trying to have a two-way conversation so that what is shown reflects the interests of the viewer and reader as much as the producer or contributor. Many people are happy to consume and…
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My Digital Studio – South America bound

Patagonia, Amazon, Galapagos, Rio, Columbia, Machu Picchu. Of course, we want to capture a visual record of these iconic places we plan to visit. I have compiled a timelapse video of setting out and packing my entire digital AV studio into a bumbag. Check it out below. Travelling light we need to find that balance…
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Chile Visa and iPhone 14

Last night saw the launch of the iPhone 14, or for me the iPhone pro max which for this trip will be replacing the trusty Nikon DSLR which normally hangs around my neck as I fly over crocodile-infested waters of the Northern Territory. Announcing the new phones is one thing, getting one in my hands…
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Itinerary Planning – Chile

Our trip to South America feels like it’s going to be a series of mini holidays or trips. When I look at sites which talk about the top 5 or 10 things to do in a particular place we are going to, I feel as if we could spend up to a month in each…
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