My Digital Studio – South America bound

The adventure continues

My Digital Studio – South America bound

Patagonia, Amazon, Galapagos, Rio, Columbia, Machu Picchu. Of course, we want to capture a visual record of these iconic places we plan to visit. I have compiled a timelapse video of setting out and packing my entire digital AV studio into a bumbag. Check it out below.

Travelling light we need to find that balance between small portability and quality. Most of my photos taken from my little ultralight plane are taken with a Nikon DSLR and part of me wants to upgrade and take that along. The weight, especially if I take the 18-300 mm lens does not suit the nomadic backpacker. Another part of me wants to see if I can fit my studio (minus laptop) into my bumbag or fanny pack. Considerations in addition to the actual camera itself are:

  • Charger
  • Memory Cards
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Cloths and protection

We leave in November and Apple has just announced its new iPhone 14 range (cameras), I will be able to get an iPhone 14 pro max as one of the main cameras. Additionally, I expect the GoPro 11 to be announced in September as well and hopefully they will be available before our departure.

There, I have given it away. I plan to take the top-of-the-range iPhone 14 pro max (or whatever it is called) with at least 256 gigs maybe 512 gigs of memory to cater for what I expect to be larger still image and video capacity. If the GoPro 11 gets here on time, I will also take one of those. I am still considering whether to purchase a media mod for the existing GoPro 9 Done! I will take a small lavalier microphone for those pieces to camera on the windswept trailheads we plan to traverse. I also have a mobile phone clamp with a GoPro connector base which along with my mini tripod will also go in the bag. Finally, and still on the “maybe” list (It’s going!) for that epic distance piece to camera, a Bluetooth microphone and receiver to permit shots while recording live audio from up to 150 feet away or 50 metres. In the video I mistakenly suggest it has a range of 100 metres.

Take a look at this detailed video where I pack the laptop bag and the bumbag with my full (although simulated for a couple of items) digital recording studio.

Five batteries for the GoPros and several small SDHC memory sticks ranging from 256 gigs down to the now humble 64 gigs. With the two portable SSD hard drives for backup, we will have close to four terabytes of storage for the trip.

For daily filming activities, I will have two mini bags. One will contain the excess batteries and memory cards along with the add-ons I may not require for the day’s shoot. The other will have the items, configured where possible for the filming.

I will have one GoPro permanently configured with the Media mod and the other without.

Sometimes there might be a need for two GoPro Cameras. As you can see, we have the space, so why not.

Will I take a media mod and lavalier microphone for the GoPro? Yes. Tripod, selfie stick? Yes, but maybe a little one with a GoPro mount and iPhone holder.

In the video I have a space for something I have not thought of. Please feel free to leave comments on what that might be.

I have ordered the iPhone 14 pro max with 512gig of space. Which colour? Of course Deep Purple!

Will the “action” feature be as good as the rumoured hypersmooth 5.0 of the GoPro 11? You will be the judge and it will be fun to see which video of a calving glacier or trek through Terres del Paine is more watchable. Stay Tuned.


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