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The adventure continues

GoPro 11 Released

And purchased! I have the GoPro 9 and the media mod for the 9 so I opted for the Hero 11 Black. Having a GoPro 9 as my best GoPro means I should be happy with the jump to 11 with Hypersmooth 5.0 and potentially some of the cool night shot features which on a…
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Two-way conversations and AI

The reason for writing a blog is to share thoughts and ideas with other people. The whole nature of sharing is about trying to have a two-way conversation so that what is shown reflects the interests of the viewer and reader as much as the producer or contributor. Many people are happy to consume and…
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My Digital Studio – South America bound

Patagonia, Amazon, Galapagos, Rio, Columbia, Machu Picchu. Of course, we want to capture a visual record of these iconic places we plan to visit. I have compiled a timelapse video of setting out and packing my entire digital AV studio into a bumbag. Check it out below. Travelling light we need to find that balance…
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Chile Visa and iPhone 14

Last night saw the launch of the iPhone 14, or for me the iPhone pro max which for this trip will be replacing the trusty Nikon DSLR which normally hangs around my neck as I fly over crocodile-infested waters of the Northern Territory. Announcing the new phones is one thing, getting one in my hands…
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Pepe, our virtual Spanish companion

Here is what Pepe said in Spanish… Play the video below and you will be impressed by the quality. English below the video… “Hola, mi nombre es Pepe, y estoy ayudando a mis dos amigos, Mark y Helen que van a viajar a Chile para el viaje de su vida. Est├ín deseando que llegue. Desafortunadamente,…
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