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The adventure continues

Darwin to Melbourne

Stage One of the journey has formally begun. It began with a last day at work, a final flight in my ultralight plane before I packed it away and a final house lockup before heading to the airport and catching the redeye to Melbourne. Last Day at Work Let’s start with the wrap-up of a…
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GoPro Labs – Superpower Control for your camera

GoPro Labs provides a firmware update for Hero 8 or better cameras which gives you the keys to unlock some cool features on your GoPro. The main one for me is the ability to point my camera at a preprogrammed QR Code which automatically sets my cameras to whatever I want them to do that…
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A week in Sydney Australia

The last 2 years have stopped many opportunities for people to meet in person for conferences and professional development opportunities. In August I took time off to visit Edutech in Melbourne, which is a massive conference dedicated to oddly enough, education and technology.  As an Adobe Education Leader, I was invited to the Adobe APAC…
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GoPro 11 Released

And purchased! I have the GoPro 9 and the media mod for the 9 so I opted for the Hero 11 Black. Having a GoPro 9 as my best GoPro means I should be happy with the jump to 11 with Hypersmooth 5.0 and potentially some of the cool night shot features which on a…
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