Redwood Forest Dragons

The adventure continues

Redwood Forest Dragons

Over the weekend we took a walking hike to the Redwood Forests in Warburton, which is east of Melbourne. The road into the forest has been blocked for some time now. And that is due to some repair work which is being carried out on the cement road bridge. We decided to take the almost nine-kilometre walk along the O’Shannassy Aqueduct trail. Which winds its way through beautiful eucalypt forest and tree ferns as you make your way to the forest, which contains not only redwoods but Douglas firs.

It’s a beautiful part of Victoria and you have Mount Donna Buang in the background so the entire area offers up great holiday opportunities or even just weekend visits.

Walking along the Oshannasey Aqueduct Trail, we encountered parrots among the tree ferns, moss-covered logs that had been there for quite a while, and also magical hollows in the side of large eucalyptus trees that bordered the walk all the way to the forest, providing cover and also great scenery.

Because we arrived early in the morning, we were greeted by mist, cloud and fog covering the road as we headed up to the place where we could park our car.

Signs showed us clearly where we were and where we needed to go, heading off on our almost nine-kilometre walk to get to the redwood forests.

A dragon’s nest in the redwood forest

We found small branches had fallen to the ground and it allowed us to look at the shiny green leaf structure of the redwood leaves which are quite small in contrast to the size of the tree.

When we walked into the open field to enjoy a small picnic, we were greeted by a lone tree that looked like it had or was about to attend the Barbie movie. I think it is the Chinese Cedar tree, but would love someone to confirm that.

Because we embarked on this walking journey early in the morning. We were the only people on the trail and also for the time that we were in the forest, we were the only people in the forest. Even though it’s not that large, the trees are really incredible. Shooting skyward on what was a really clear spring day. We had a small picnic there while we inspected the various dragons’ nests which are scattered throughout the small forest. I created a video where I looked up to the sky and it looks like we may have seen a small red dragon participating in and joining us in the forest.

So have a look at our photo albums of Images we took from the journey, not just of the forest, but of the walk to and from the aqueduct. It’s certainly a beautiful part of Victoria.

The journey to the redwood forest was just as much fun as walking in the redwood forest. The Redwood Forest is located near Warburton which also has Millgrove in its vicinity, which was where our son as a student at Melbourne High School went to do his school camp experience right at the start of his time at Melbourne High.

This generative AI image of a dragon’s nest was created in Adobe Firefly


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