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The adventure continues

San Francisco and China trip

United States – July This year I’ve got two trips to locations I’ve been to before. The first trip in July is to San Francisco where I will be attending an Adobe conference for educators in Silicon Valley. Even though I have been to San Francisco before, this opportunity provides me with a chance to…
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Wow – where did that 5 (now 9) months go?

When I last left you (while in travel mode), we were on our way to Europe. It was at that time when Helen and I were evaluating what kind of travellers we were as individuals that I realised I needed some structure to this travel story. Wind forward two months and we are back in…
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Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

Leaving Patagonia behind, but with Patagonia not leaving our memories for anytime soon, we returned to Santiago and immediately caught the evening bus to Valparaiso, a bohemian town home to art, poetry and stunning alleys and funicular trams running up and down sheer cliffs and steep hills, offering respite from the thousands of steps to…
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Patagonia, Park Ranger Strike Part 2

Conscious that I am posting these articles to LinkedIn, some will justifiably argue this kind of post has no place on a platform (touch wood, I’ve had no angry responses and LinkedIn applauds me for being active)… I believe there is a work-related theme or messaging in all of this. Later, as I describe the…
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