Autumn and Winter in Melbourne – 2023

The adventure continues

Autumn and Winter in Melbourne – 2023

I enjoy autumn and winter in Melbourne. You can take long walks without sweating and there are a surprising number of sunny days to enjoy these walks. We are also fortunate to have a multitude of restaurants close by offering cuisine from a variety of cultural backgrounds including multiple African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, along with high-quality cafes and fast food outlets should that be your craving. The classic Doutta Galla Hotel serving quality pub meals (steak night is my favourite) rounds out the offering and to have this cornucopia located mere minutes from our house is sensational.

I had some issues with the image galleries not showing below. Apologies – these are now fixed.

Enjoying Laksa and Char Kuay Teow along with a “three coloured drink” at Laksa King, one of, if not the best laksa restaurants in Melbourne. It is a 5-minute walk from our house.

Community Garden

Switching now to sustainable food grown locally. Our street in Kensington is a short cul-de-sac with a community garden at the end. Our community garden has had a makeover in recent days with the old-style (yet still modern) garden plots replaced by these more water-efficient food bins.

Community Garden upgrade

Melbourne Walks

Seeing as I am writing about Melbourne, I may as well include some random photos that highlight why I love Melbourne – in all four seasons. I do love Darwin too but for different reasons. That is why I choose to live between these two cities located at opposite ends of Australia.

Finally, an Autumn folly where something as troublesome as dead plane tree leaves that litter the streets of Melbourne during winter can become a source of art when you use them as a background as is or with colour tones. Long streets with piles of fallen leaves invoke the true feeling of a Melbourne winter. In this case, I have used the generative AI tool in the latest Photoshop Beta to clean up not the leaves from the street, but people, cars, a fire hydrant and one dog. Check it out below by sliding the central slider from left to right.

Slide from left to right to see the cleanup of not leaves, but cars and humans

Flower Show Photos 2022 and 2023

Melbourne not only offers a wide variety of locations, but the events are equally diversified. Before I returned to work after Easter 2023, I was able to visit the annual flower and garden show held at the famous exhibition buildings.

Although the flower show was smaller than the first show after COVID put a stop to these kinds of gatherings, it was still impressive and calming to enjoy all of these natural shapes and colours in one place. The album below is from the 2022 Garden Show.

So that’s it for this post. Hope you liked some of the photographs.


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