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The adventure continues

Naughton’s – the old arts pub for Melbourne Uni – now owned and upgraded by friends of ours

Walking through Melbourne Univeristy

Enjoying Vietnamese Bánh Xèo – Crispy & Savoury Vietnamese Pancakes in Richmond

After so many monuments and statues in Europe photographed – felt obligated to photograph this one

Where’s wally (North Melbourne)

Reflection on glass

I wondered where that tram got to…

Spencer Street skyscraper

Classic facade with modern glass and steel behind

Australia 108 which will be eclipsed by another building the 366 metre STH BNK

The Gopro bends light to capture the tops of the skyscrapers

Helen on the bridge to Southbank

Me with the city at my back (Yarra River)

Looking towards Flinders St Station and Swanston St