We arrive in South America on the “Day of the Dead”

The adventure continues

We arrive in South America on the “Day of the Dead”

Halloween, and Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead are unrelated events, but occur at around the same time. Both sound spooky and it is interesting that we will be arriving in Santiago on the second day of this two-day celebration which is primarily celebrating older or adult people who have passed. The first day, which is today, is for younger ones who have passed.

Day of the Dead (nationalgeographic.com)

The post above is from my Instagram account, which some may have thought that it too was dead due to inactivity. I haven’t really been an Instagram user because it is yet another platform embedded into this platform. Alas, this is the world we are in so I need to try it out. I will be trying to post more to that account.

I am writing this in Kensington, Melbourne – a stone’s throw from Flemington Racecourse where the Melbourne Cup is about to be run. The start of November is a very interesting time for us. The race has just been run and a horse called “Gold Trip” has won the cup. Good omen? I think so.

On a technical note, I used the free https://express.adobe.com to create the image above (and the one below) from free Adobe Stock images and my photos in the case of Joe’s photo below. I used the scheduling tool available within Adobe Express to schedule the posting of the graphic to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Why? If we are on the road and I know there will be no Internet, I can plan posts and schedule them ahead of time.

This time tomorrow we will be in New Zealand and about to head to Santiago. No more planning (for a little while), just doing. Our wonderful son will drop us at the airport tomorrow morning before 5 am and then he has to go to work. That is after a major 4-hour exam this afternoon for his commerce degree. He is so busy cramming many things into his life. Thanks, Joe – you are the best! He is going to cringe as I post this picture taken at a local cafe yesterday in Kensington but I wanted to call out a statement he shared which has resonated well with Helen and me. I hope it does for you as well.

Thanks, Joe – You are the best

It’s nice to receive inspiration from your son when as a parent you try to be as good a role model as you can be. His efforts demonstrate aspiration and we are so proud of him.

From celebrating those no longer alive to making sure you live your best life, while you have life is the message I would really like to share today.


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