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The adventure continues

We want to learn about the places we are going to and an easy way for me to share that is via a Britannica Education or similar quiz.

Quiz 5 – Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon 2024)

Chinese New Year Quiz

Why is there no Quiz 4? 4 is unlucky in Chinese tradition.

Quiz 3 – All about Taiwan

Facts –

Okay – in searching for a quiz about Taiwan, I found this one that provides the answers as well as the questions… not so hard but interesting to read through. Check it out.

If you feel like taking a long 60 questions quiz about Asia in general, try this one out from our friends at Britannica.

A quick 5 question quiz about Taiwan from Channel 9

Finally a map based quiz about Taiwan’s counties, cities and special municipalities.

Quiz 2 – Exploring Chile: Fact or Fiction

Exploring Chile: Fact or Fiction Quiz | Britannica – A short timed quiz to test your knowledge about Chile

Quiz 1 – Exploring Latin American History

Exploring Latin American History Quiz | Britannica – Try it out! only 6 questions.

Some Interesting Facts

I will also add in some facts as well… like this one.