Seis Linternas Rojas y las Dieciocho Pistas

The adventure continues

This is where you will find guides and experiences around the 18 clues associated with the 6 red lanterns. There is a treasure to find, and the 18 clues will hopefully lead you to that treasure. What is that treasure? We don’t know yet and the clues will guide you to understand what that treasure might be.

There are two parts to understand and because we are travelling in primarily Spanish-speaking countries we wanted to integrate the language into this journey. Those two parts are the 6 lanterns, a story that has been told for almost 20 years since it was discovered in the Remarkable Cave and dates back hundreds of years across many countries.

The second and most important part is the 18 clues. I don’t know what they are. I know where the first one is, but I have no idea where or what the other 17 are.

For teachers and parents – we are travelling to a number of countries in South America and as a fun activity, I thought we could create a series of quizzes and clues that integrate the history, geography and culture of the places we are visiting. These quizzes and the activity is based on “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego”. The following picture relates to the adventure and also the challenge of the 6 red lanterns and the 18 clues. There is no answer at the bottom of the page, this adventure starts with a letter waiting for us in the first hotel we are staying in when we arrive in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

#AdobeEduCreative is one of the hash tags to link this creatively with Adobe and the creative education component of that environment. The other two that are relevant to this adventure are:

  • #6redlanterns
  • #the18clues
  • #hmjchristie

Some general quizzes and facts I have found that I am gathering onto a specific quiz page. Thanks to Encyclopedia Brittanica for making these quizzes available for you to use.

Feel free to join us on our adventure… More to come.