Mother’s Day

The adventure continues

Happy Mother’s Day Mum! I have a card which I have given you. That card has this address on it so a card with a simple message can continue to be alive after it is handed over.

We can place more here than on a card which is an artistic and visual expression of this day, which as the card suggests, should be every day.

Helen, Joe and I send our love over the Internet and whenever we are there in person which in this case on the 14th of May 2023 will be in a couple of hours, complete with freshly baked sourdough and a small chocolate pudding to celebrate.

Helen will be contacting you with some interesting and fun news, all the way from Melbourne where she is celebrating Mother’s Day with her Mum, Po Po. They have made much better things than sourdough bread, but we would expect nothing less from a house full of chefs.

The first two photos in the gallery are of a grazing lunch with Nepalese MoMos from the Galleria followed by Bailey’s Cheesecake and coffee. This was after we strolled the length of the Smith St mall and took a look at the kangaroo statues in the Charles Darwin Building. The flower pictures were taken at this year’s Flower and Garden Show in Melbourne at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.